Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are permanent, low maintenance additions to your home that can improve its appearance, give kids a safe place to ride scooters, decrease erosion, and make keeping your car clean easier. Building one is a labour-intensive and costly project, but we can make this a breeze and very affordable.

You will want to consider a number of things so that the driveway is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and durable. Here are some considerations.

Where will you turn your car around to enter the street? If your home is near a blind corner where oncoming traffic can be hazardous, you may want to create a circle drive, so you have the advantage of facing the street when pulling from your driveway, or make the drive wide enough to turn your car around when pulling out.

What is the lay of the land? If you are building on a hill, you will need to pay special attention to drainage to decrease soil erosion, as well as being careful that the contour is not so steep that you will bottom out your vehicle.

What obstructions are in the way of your project? Large rocks or trees may be difficult to remove without heavy equipment, and often it is desirable to leave these in place, so determining the path of the drive so it can either curve around obstacles or bypass them is essential.

Available Finishes for Driveways

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a very popular and fashionable decorative finish, it is used at most display homes. The finish is not smooth, rather the aggregate (stone/pebbles) are exposed which makes it rough and gravelly. However the aggregate is quite fine making it comfortable to walk on with bare feet. Exposed Aggregate Concrete is a standard grey or off white cement mixture with a select type of customised small aggregate (stones/pebbles) and will sometimes have a colour oxide mixed through (mixed through at concrete plant). It is finished with a high pressure blast exposing the aggregate materials (stones/pebbles) on the surface. All concrete paving must be treated with construction joins/cuts to minimise cracking. Spacing of these joins/cuts will be site and design specific. Sealing of any paved area is highly recommended to minimise fading, staining and cracking.

Plain Concrete

You will be familiar with this finish from regular footpaths and kerbs. Plain Concrete is a standard grey cement mixture. It is finished with a “Stipple” creating a slightly textured finish with no aggregate (stones) showing on the surface – A smooth or polished concrete finish is not suitable for paving outdoors as it would create a slippery hazardous surface. This type of concrete is the cheapest option offered by Hume & Sons Concreting. All concrete paving must be treated with construction joins/cuts to minimise cracking. Spacing of these joins/cuts will be site and design specific.

Covercrete (Covacrete)

Covercrete is a spray on product that is used to cover and refurbish old and existing concrete products. This is 2-3 mm thick and sets at approximately 72 MPA, about three times the strength of tradition concrete. It is a resurfacing product only and will only be as good as the base below it. Patterns and header-courses can also be added if desired. A full range of colours are available. Rosettes and features are also available. A minimum of two coats of UV sealant are mandatory to prevent colour deterioration.


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